Macros Library empty, Example projects missing, Node Presets greyed out

Hi there,

I’ve have a fresh install of WM 3028 and all of the macros are missing (The Library content is empty), there’s no example projects I can open and there are no node presets (eg Erosion has no presets I can select from).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried re-installing multiple times but it’s always the same.



EDIT - Found an old thread where they re-installed 237 to get the WM Documents folder back, then I re-installed 3028. That’s done the trick!

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Hi there,

Yes - I’m not sure why this happens very sporadically for some people, but it is a result of not being able to create the World Machine documents folder on installation. You can edit the world.ini file in a World Machine subfolder under the %APPDATA% folder, and change the line “Firstrun=” to “Firstrun=1”, which will let WM attempt to create the folders again.