Mesh Output Doesn't Allow Incoming Connections

Your bug report should include:

  1. What happened: Create a Mesh Output node, try to connect a Heightfield, the device doesn’t accept an incoming connection.

  2. Does it happen consistently, or randomly? No, it is a consistent issue.

  3. The steps to reproduce it. Include a screenshot or world file if possible. This is a general problem that can be easily replicated in a fresh scene by creating any heightfield and attempting to connect a Mesh Output device.


@Michael_Swartz This is expected behavior.

You need a “meshify” node to convert a heightfield to mesh. Mesh output in “Artist Point” release takes in only “Mesh” data, conversion process has been separated into it’s own node “meshify”. It’s found in the “Material” tab on the toolbar, and you can search using “Tab” key.


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