Mountain Macro Showcase

Development of Mountain macro
The speed at 2k * 2k is approximately 7 s

  • Final Render

  • Parameter panel

  • Infinite combination methods


After improvement, a package with 10 macros including Mountain macro will be released. Of course, this package is not free. You can try restoring my macros before I publish it.


Dropping in to say this looks so good, love all of the parameters to play with. Where will we be able to purchase this pack?

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Superb work, you really keep us puzzled and mesmerised with these results. I will give it another try soon :wink:

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Still refining the features and testing for potential bugs, I have to make the macros good enough, Iā€™m usually busy so this may take a month.

Usage of exporting using localspace

  • More combinations

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