Moving and rotating separate objects

Hello everyone, I have two mountains loaded via heightmaps. I turn them on through File input.
I need to shift them with each other, rotate one and move them closer to the other. Could you please help me how to do this.
Thank you

For moving the file inputs around, use the device origin parameters in the file input node.
For rotation, use the transform node and plug it into the file input and rotate away!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! It worked! Could you please tell me how should i do scale? And one more thing, which combine mode is better to use for blending two highmaps?
Thank you for help!

Scale should also be in the parameters of the file input node.
For your second question, it depends, so if you’re going to blend 100% and also need to match heights with each other I would recommend the chooser node, but for more flexibility I usually use the combiner node.