My files saving corrupted, format doesnt matter?

Your bug report should include:

  1. When trying to save height output any format, just files become corrupted and doesnt open.
  2. First time I used, I directly trying to export trailer screen height or I created new one doesnt matter.
  3. Video; Desktop 2023.03.20 -

I would be interested in seeing another file format saved, just out of curiosity. It seems (without understanding the language and relying on google translate) as if the one shown is defaulting to being recognized as part of a split rar file. Could you try saving as a tiff file and seeing what the error is then?

All formats gives same error, translation in english “your files are corrupted, windows unable to read specified files format”.

Okay, I see you have Photoshop installed. If you attempt opening the r16 file in Photoshop directly, rather than trying to open from Windows Explorer (Steps to open r16 in Photoshop can be found here, as it can’t just be opened natively), what happens?

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Things to note:

  1. Try opening the heightmap through a file input right there in worldmachine. If the terrain reads alright, the heightmap is built and saved correctly. You just needed the right program to read it.
  2. A “Raw” file is just an arbitrary data dump without any encoded info on how to read it. Any default program in “windows” won’t know what to do with it. That may be why it’s giving an error.

Good luck going forward!


Yea 7zip could handle it, winrar just cant open and I dont know why. PNG still non-readable but my laptop could open it, reinstalled world machine and it worked, probably bug or smt imo. Ty for suggestion.

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