My texture macro, highly customizable and high performance

I created a texture macro based on HYLK’s own colorizer, but it has more features such as color erosion and support for water and beaches, and also weightmaps.

Here are some pictures of the macro at work (macro is texture only, lighting is made by a seperate macro):

Showcase of color erosion:
No color erosion:

Color Erosioni:

Simple terrain to showcase the full potential of this macro:

Sadly, it clips a little at the bottom of a 1080p screen.

Additional Features:
Internal snow (Fast & Slow versions, slow adds a considerable amount of build time)
Realistic vegetation placement
Ultra fast performance (1.5s - 2.2s w/o slow internal snow on 1025x1025)
35 internal colortables
Depth-based water coloring

Planned Features:
More colortables for slope, deposition, etc.
Possible bug fixes
Performance boosts

DM me on discord to obtain this macro: Delta Research#8502
A pre-3025 version is also available. (non-water composite type)
Please report any bugs via discord or PMs! =D


Great to see an alteration on my macro!

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Note: You don’t need to send a friend request, as DM’s are always open unless otherwise noted.

I couldn’t figure out how to DM you on Discord without going to the friends request process but I’d love to check out that macro. If you know how to do it, my username is: Todd#1262

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I’m interested in that macro too. How can i send DM in Discord without common servers? (my name Andrei Petrukovich#8409)