New meter based parameters break old macros

I noticed opening an old project of mine that the local heights macro was working backwards compared to it’s old functionality, so higher values get larger scale details while low values get low scale details.

This unfortunately breaks a lot of old projects of mine that I need to go back and manually adjust.

This so far is the only macro where I noticed this, but I’m sure there are many others.

If there is a way to keep the old parameter types that’d be great, especially since some macros which are locked by their creators will lose their functionality

Hi Jak,

Thanks for the bug report!

I did check the behavior against the WM 3xxx version of the Local Heights macro that uses meter scale already. I’m assuming that this is in regards to the WM 2.x branch version. I will open that up and see what shakes out.

Macro parameter behavior is a bit ill-specified as it changed several times over the years, before versioning. It may be impossible to make one version match all legacy behaviors, but I will try.

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For me it changes from 3028 to 4013

Ah, yes - what I mean is, the wm 2.x local heights macro behaves different in 3028 and 4013. The wm3 one behaves the same.

This appears to be due to the blur device inside the macro. The blur device went through a number of changes before device versioning came along and those changes present a very complex set of behaviors to match in all the permutations.

I’ll put this on the investigate and hopefully fix before Release channel release list. If the changes are truly isolated to the blur device it would present minimal risk to change.

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