New Renderer Macro

Hello there! I recently created a new renderer macro, also with the help of a member from a terraforming Discord server called Kr0wn. As I’m starting in 2D design too, I’ve learned quite a few tricks about shading and I had the great idea of using them in World Machine, because it’s almost the same thing as working with layers, when using combiners. That said, I created a renderer which creates tinted shadows! Yes, shadows which react to the color. This way you can get some realistic lighting in your terrain. There’s also fog, and emission input, both systems created by Kr0wn.
The light system works so it changes depending on the angle. However I recommend changing the color for daytime. Also, it is recommended to use non-shaded terrain, just flat color, this will get rid of unnecessary contrast and look better, but that’s up to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some examples:

Terrain by Kr0wn.

Data from Mont Blanc that I modified and colored.

Comparison between the Basic Render (left) and my renderer (right) by TIME_

Here’s the download :slight_smile: Enjoy!
Custom (157.4 KB)


Custom Renderer VS Basic Renderer

World: Example - Snowfields shaded from the sun
Resolution: 4096 x 4096
Build: Normal

CPU: 10940X
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

Device: Custom Renderer
Internal Devices: 68
Parameters: 23
Build Time: 1m33s
Memory Size: 437MB

Device: Basic Renderer
Internal Devices: 10
Parameters: 4
Build Time: 31.24s
Memory Size: 506MB




My view:

I prefer the Basic renderer based on default settings.

Snowfields shaded from the Sun.tmd (584.5 KB)


I guess it depends on what you’re looking for, but my goal was to make a renderer that builds realistic lighting so yeah :sweat_smile: :+1:

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hello,It’s really great!What is the texture of the first effect?

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What effect? The textures are mostly done with color nodes and some colorize macros made by the community. My macro only builds realistic baked lighting, so it needs a terrain and bitmap input. It has a mask input which is for the emission mask, so if you have for example lava, you can mask it and plug it into the emission input to have glowing lava!