new thread regarding WFabs macro idea

Maybe try:

Filter Device - Simple Displacement
Available in all Editions

The Displacement device acts horizontally on the heightfield to push around or smear pixels. There are multiple names for this operation; you will see it commonly called Distortion, Warping, or Displacement; they are all names for the same thing. Displacement can produce some wild looking terrain; rock can seem to be pulled like taffy or be bowed and wavy. The kind of effect that the Displacement device produces is highly dependant on the features of the terrain connected to the second input.

I think WFab means vertical bumpmapping, instead of displacing sideways
He wants it to look like you can touch it.

Like bumps in any other 3d programs that have Material Editors
Wich should be verry hard to do but over vast planes it could be difficult to scale
Up and to the sides

Hmmm, to be honest - WM is not “the go-to-app” for this. Would be really hard to do, if possible anyways…
So taking WM output into Vue, Terragen, Mudbox, you name it is the way to go, I thing.
Trying this in WM - I dont know if it´s worth, you know?!

But good luck with it… aaaand all other projects (snow, sand, …) :smiley:


Oke so i tryed a bump and diffuse map together but i get really spikey peaks in them
Even after clamp,bias gain,eq altogether combined with a constant to make it flat

All we need from high frequency noise is their mask, to drive a 2-3 color distribution. Spikes are irrelevant, they only show up in 3d, Bumps are 2d color image overlay for the default diffuse color.

I’ve seen some people do wonders with this kind of macros, but they do not share their device graphs due to production specific usage. And don’t say this won’t benefit the regular wm user, a simple to use material macro can do wonders with your project. Look at basic coverage macro, how useful it can be sometimes.

Share some screens of your graph so I can help wherever I can.

Thats true it would help a lot of people with texturing

I just dont know were to start
Advanced perlin to color generators add noise and blur it

Be a bit specific…i get confused with this very easily

I build what you have in mind (if i can)
But something needs to be clear to me

Plus it was just a test…nothing more

Ive been bussy with WM these past weeks…never have i touched this program before
So i do not know everything or every name for whatever
Just to be clear :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was so clear, I would have built it by now. And I have uses for it ready as well. Just start with a good diffuse architecture, like color distribution. If it works and has all variables in place like file texture and color, then we can build on that. Start simple. By the looks of your macros, you are more qualified that me.

Alright ill try something,cant promise anything
Ill do my best

Sure, that’s all we can do at this point!

So i tried to make something
I had file inputs with just simple textures of stones and gravel in them
And i noticed that you cant use filters on a bitmap
So i started to split with red green and blue…had all filters connected to the corresponding scalar
And it worked
I also got to the specular tone of things :smiley: worked well

Only downside is that WM crashed and i lost the file so ill try and replicate the scene ASAP

I tryed to replicate what i made yesterday

And i actually got the same results i had
I have a flowgraph attached, nothing fancy and
unconverted,so its not an actual macro yet
Wich is easier to adjust

I dont know if its a start or even anything u are looking for
Just let me know what you think

(Ps: Gain Eq and other filters can be modified and other filters can be added

So heres a screenshot of reflection (faked) im still wondering if theres a way to makebit actually reflect tge surroundings
Its also very concentrated and in a very pre mature state
Im working on expansion and flow of the actually reflaction type

Hope this looks a bit nice…if not then…well nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you guys checked out “BCORE 2.0 Alpha0.2” macro? Maybe it could help, dont know!


You mean buzzcores overlay?
Thats not really that fancy its just an overlay
I know how to create an overlay

Just thought it could be of interest… Read something about Ambient and bump settings…

Any Chance you work in the sand macro?
Or is this Main Project now?


Every projwct gets my attention
But im slowing down untill i get the licence wich ahould bw tomorrow or later next week
Btw it looks like that macro makes some nice sand aswell
Did you try it already for your canyons?

Sorry to be the buzzkill here, but you are going a bit off route here. Although I like how you are going with the file input, but the main architecture I’ll try to explain more clearly.

  1. If —>goto
  2. If —>goto
  3. If —>goto <apply guide to (1)>

Hope I made it clear. I’m not too good at explaining stuff. Learning though!