Normal node view panning


I am seeing that new WorldMachine builds are focusing on usability. I’ve been using WorldMachine at work for years, and now, after a while of not using it, I’ve decided to buy myself one personal licence.

I was quite disappointed to see same old bugs not resolved for years. So my first request would be if we could get a normal node view panning like in any other software.

Currently, when I right click node view to pan it, it has this really weird jerky motion that often stops in the middle of panning. It’s some very imprecise sort of acceleration. I would love to see regular view panning that’s 1:1 with mouse cursor movement, because such elementary things as view navigation should always work flawlessly.

Thank you


So it appears there’s a threshold for cursor movement speed under which panning stops. No one ever moves their cursor at a robotic consistent speed. This bug/feature really needs to be removed. I can’t describe the amount of infuriating frustration this causes me every time I have to interact with WorldMachine :frowning:

Hi Rawalanche!

Thanks for the great feedback - didn’t realize this was so frustrating! I know the movement you’re talking about and it’s never really bothered us here, so we will make sure it is fixed in the next release. If there’s anything else that drives you nuts, just let me know here and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks again!

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