Other Plug-in Possibilities

Just a quick question/idea. Would it be possible to make other portions of the World Machine application open to plugin development? Say the realtime “preview” of the terrain.

I am curious as it would make a great test system for anyone working on say varying level of detail techniques and such. I like the visual design interface provided by World Machine as far as connecting various devices together, at the same time though a lot of the things I would like to try don’t solely involve static chunks of terrain. Being able to design device plugins and then test how my renderer handles the data could be nice. Or maybe a separate runtime library that is able to read you device hierarchy layout and allow external programs to link to and retrieve data directly from the graphs they created in World Machine.

i am just rambling, but it was an idea I had and was planning to run with, but as I said I really like World Machine, and wouldn’t want to reinvent it if i didnt have to, so i just thought i would mention it.

It certainly is an interesting possibility… right now any other extensibility suffers from the “not enough time” syndrome. Device plugins, although very interesting for 3rd party developers, were primarily motivated as a means for faster development of new devices. Since the views, for example, don’t tend to proliferate all that quickly, there was no need to develop a plugin system for them.

It’s an area I don’t want to write off completely, but at the moment there isn’t any time to pursue the idea.

Maybe after Pro!

Am I the only one missing something here?