Output device doesn't remember file type when "Setting filename"

Whenever I click the “Set” button it wants to save as RAW even if I choose PNG in the device options

I also noticed that the Height Output doesn’t add the extension back to the filename when overwriting the whole string, while the bitmap output still has that functionality

Hi Jak,

Thanks for the bug report. I believe I’ve identified the interaction that is the cause of this bug. I don’t know if it will be fixed for 4014, but luckily it is more annoying than anything else.

This has been fixed for 4014. There is still a minor behavior difference between the file output and bitmap output, as the Bitmap output has not been moved over to the LTE-based filename parameter yet.

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Also if I delete the whole string in the File Output and write something new, it doesn’t add the extension to the end.
Bitmap output still does this, it’s very useful