Output file dialogue appears on wrong monitor

It always appears on monitor n° 1, even if I moved WM onto my second monitor.

It also appears that when I have another program open while waiting for WM to write the output, once its done I can not click on the open main WM window in the background to get access to the little dialogue window, I have to select one of the running WM windows from the taskbar.

There are some interesting bugs I’ve run into with QT when an app is running on a non-primary monitor. Sometimes context pop ups and similar show up on the wrong monitor. I’ll continue to investigate this.


it looks like the the 5.15.2 update to QT fixes this behavior. It should thus be fixed in 4014. I’ve confirmed that the context menu popup in wrong place bug is fixed, although I am not certain about this one as I cannot replicate it.

It’s a long standing problem with windows itself (multi monitor setups), especially if the monitors are different brands and resolutions. Some specific dialogs spawned using specific draw calls spawn on the first monitor unless specified otherwise in code. Not sure about the specifics, but faced this exact issue with a project back in college. The last time I coded something was in 2007-08 though, so yeah… :sweat_smile: