Output Shape option removed from UI

What is the point(no pun intended) of having an option visible that has not been implemented. I do realize Worldmachine is not orientated towards modern game design. But this UI option is super annoying to see. Normally I would ask to have it implemented, but kind of feel it is too difficult to be coded to work.

or was there some secret update I am not aware of where this now works?

If I remember correctly, this was implemented in older version of WM, but the functionality is not yet ported to WM 4.x.

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IT would be VERY helpful for me… the shape file I made is needed to be brought into Unreal for a PCG graph. I am doing my exports out of Global mapper so the shape needs to be the same as the one in World Machine.
Would it be possible to have some sort of Hotfix.?

Sorry I have no clue how to extract this data form a .tmd file :frowning:

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How can I get the shape out then?

Can I send it to the devs… so they can do the export. You would think in the updates they would re-enable something that has already been a working feature.

You mean the vector graphics, right? Because that is not possible at the moment.

I don’t think they will have the functionality either, why would they have it and not release it?

I do think so! But no clue as to why, as it seems like the devs thought this was a low priority feature to begin with, you can post/ask for its reimplementation on https://worldmachine.featureupvote.com/!

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As the thread title suggested… it should be removed if it is never going to be implemented. I suppose the Devs do not follow game design practice very closely. Splines/vectors are very important for map work. Some of the newest to become popular is the Procedural content generation aka PCG. I have been using something similar for almost 15 years doing military simulation ARMA/VBS. Basically If I use the shapes in worldmachine to manipulate terrain… I can then use the same shape to generate content in the same shape.

this for example would make development very accurate. Houdini is not part of our pipleline as this is how it would be done all in one package.

I love worldmachine all the way to this annoying UI button that does nothing but say… we cant be bothered to implement or even remove from the UI.

Wow that is really cool, I agree that missing that feature (and having the context window tease you with it) is really annoying.

Then I have some (hopefully) good news for you!

I’ve just checked to see if it is possible to use the compatibility save feature from WM 4.x, to save the file and open it in WM 3.x. This appears to work!

Upon opening it in WM 3.x, I can export the shapes as an .svg file!

However, it does seem to do some strange transformations with it, but maybe you can figure that out by playing around a bit. Oh and it does not save the Bezier handles.

Hope this helps!


oh nice!
I am not using Bezier for this particular shape. So hopefully it comes through ok…

Thank you for this great tip

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I get a crash when trying to open the file. Maybe the shape file is too intense?

Care to send it over so I can try? Could be it is too large…