Parallel tiled builds inside of normal terrain processing

Gaea has a very useful feature called parallel processing which basically consist of tiled builds being turned on by default and be used to build terrains faster. It actually makes a huge difference and it would be cool if World Machine had this as well, especially since it already can do normal tiled builds.
Maybe if turned on this would affect the devices which are compatible (so devices like flow restructure would be unaffected) and it would allow you to disable it on devices manually.

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Tiled building but only on compatible nodes would be great, so saving time while having minimal artifacts.

I believe this would improve the build times of the real time preview by massive amounts at higher resolutions and you would barely notice the difference in the two results

Sounds great indeed, though, as Delta said, I see the same issues arise we now see with “normal” tiled builds. I think only generators will truly benefit from this approach as those are well defined, whereas something like a blur or clamp requires more context.

Just using it for previews shouldn’t be a major problem I suppose, as those are raw indications to begin with.

Hi Jak,

(Un?)fortunately, WM essentially already does this. The majority of the devices divvy up CPU resources and build the result in parallel. The only cases where it does not are where the algorithm is inherently serial; flow restructure is a good example of this.

In terms of places for speed gains, there are basically algorithmic improvements, leveraging the GPU, and leveraging the cloud for really large builds. Those are all possible directions, and I’ve done some R&D along those lines, but they’re not currently imminent.

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Hmm if it’s already an included feature then why does the tiled build take less time than the regular build?