PDK for WM2.0

I haven’t seen any discussion for the PDK for WM2.0. Will it be released commensurate with the software itself or will it follow at some time later?

Hi Dale,

Yes, the PDK for 2.0 will be available immediately upon the release of 2.0. It will actually be available in more widespread release than the WM 1.x PDK as it will be available in a “For Developers” section of the new website.

More good news!

Are there any news about WM 2.0 PDK? Will it be usable with VC 2008?


The PDK should be available very shortly after the release of WM2.

I haven’t attempted to use it with VC 2008 yet myself, so I can’t comment on that until I try it!

So I assume that you used VC2005… the problem is that (to my knowledge) it is almost impossible to mix 2005 and 2008 runtimes so to create extensions for WM2 one probably has to install also 2006 :frowning:

Hello Remnant,

How is the PDK coming? Is there a date set, or is it already available?

I should be able to announce the release of the PDK within a week.

The PDK is now available, as noted on the news page.

There will eventually be some better guides to creating plugins, but the four example devices are heavily commented and should go a long way to helping you understand what is possible.

In addition, right now it is only MSVC2005 compatible, but for the next maintenance update I may migrate WM to MSVC2008. We’ll see…