PDK Release nearing

I’m hoping to have the PDK out later this week for v1.0. I have to make sure the library code is tidied up and commented and exampled’ enough that other people can follow along.

More details will follow soon, and I will email all of those in the PDK notification thread about its release when that happens.

Hey guys,

the PDK is due to be released sometime on this coming Monday, August 15th. I’m going out of town today and returning monday afternoon, and I didn’t want to be gone right when everyone is trying to figure out how to use the thing. :slight_smile:

Fil has had the PDK for only about a half week and has already made a ridiculously cool plugin, so I have high hopes that we’re going to see some serious innovation happening once people can make their own devices!

The PDK is now released. All those on the previous notification thread have been emailed.

I’m looking forward to seeing the things that people can produce. Later this week Fil Dias is going to be releasing his first device plugin for WM that I must say is completely awesome :wink:

Hey maybie someone can work on that Wind Erosion that i brought up sometime ago… Just a thought… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: