Please add parameter for disabling of devices

WorldMachine do not have option, to prevent File Input node or other similar devices from loading un-nessesary data. It makes your project ultra slow in calculation. It will be good to have something like true-false parameter, that you can control through macro user intarface, so you can disable 999 of your File Input Nodes and use just 1 that you need from those 999 to speed-up your work process and reduce RAM/CPU resources on loading of them

no swear :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: eheheheheh

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Should i delete this post if this feature already suggested?

Its alright, leave it. More posts would garner more attention, and that’s what I personally want lol!

I originally requested this feature in 2022, closed Alpha group conversation. It was that conversation that spawned this featureupvote post, but as you can see there’s not enough interest.

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