Please add "plus" input option to a macro configuration

Checkpoint node have one cool feature - additional input with “plus” icon that will create new connection automatically.

I want to suggest add this feature to the macro. But in some specific way - WM should allow user to create 9999 inputs, but user can mark only 1 of them as “important” other will become “secondary”. So inside of a macro you can connect those 9999 wires to nodes that will do business logic. But after placing of a macro into project - it will look like checkpoint node that have 1 input, but the second input is have “plus” icon. So user can create new inputs when he want to use those 9999 wires. So if your macro have functional to process 9999 wires, but you want to use only 1-5 of wires connect to it, - your project will not look like a piece of something with those giantic macros on 9999 holes (i’m sorry for bad words, it is just emotions, WorldMachine is still exalent programm)