Procedural Texture Work

In a new attempt at using World Machine for literally anything except what it was designed for, I’ve been working on creating a bunch of texture assets using World Machine. It’s mostly just for fun, and a little bit to learn more about how different devices work, and what kind of results I can get from them. Nothing serious here, just a little fun! First up is today’s texture, a very basic marble texture. I actually adapted a Photoshop workflow I use for marble textures into World Machine, and I much prefer the World Machine results, as you have a lot more fine-tune control over every aspect of the noise generated.

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that looks really great! Any more textures to show? Also, can it be tiled?

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Thanks! I don’t have anything else to show off currently (I’m at work right now, maybe when I get home, though, depends on how much I get done), though I am definitely open to suggestions!

This particular image can’t be tiled, but that’s definitely an interesting thought to explore! Since it was made in World Machine, it can be exported at any size/scale required, so I didn’t really think about tiling at all, but I’m curious to see if I can make that happen!

No progress yet on tiling, but I did bang out an okay (it looks decent enough zoomed out, but the details break down at full scale) looking wood texture. I think I’d like to refine it a bit more in the future, but I was just kinda doing this right before work. I’m curious also to see if, using the original heightmap and maybe some selectors, I could output some glossy/reflection and/or bump maps that fit with these textures.


Very decent!

You could definitely create an AO map, and, instead of a bump map, I recommend creating a normal map.

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I created a branch quite a while back with a few features to help with creating repeating textures/terrains. It didn’t quite make sense at the time, and there were a few significant issues holding it back.

However especially with Artist Point here, being able to create your own texture assets within a world/macro is pretty useful, and of course they need to tile to do that…

There’s a featureupvote entry for this request: Ability to create repeating (tiling) textures - World Machine


Ooh, honestly, looking at the feature upvote itself, that would definitely be incredibly useful for creating textures, but it would also be super useful for creating maps! If the repetition was limited to one axis, it’d basically be a dream come true for my fantasy mapping fantasies ahaha!

True, true! Old workflows die hard, ahaha

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New ones today that I’ve been working on for a few days. These ones probably required the most math I’ve had to use since high school (I had do the hypotenuse for multiple sizes of squares), but as a result, these technically should tile perfectly, since it’s all based on squares anyway. This time around, I have just a few basic fabric types, or my best approximation of them. All black and white, with the idea that I can colorize in World Machine or Photoshop if needed. This one was more of just an experiment, since Cinema 4D has built-in fabric shaders that do a much better job than I can, but it was still fun playing around.

Fair warning, if, like me, you have an astigmatism or any other eye conditions that make looking at small repeating black and white patterns a bit iffy/painful, you may want to skip these ones (which is why the images are hidden in a dropdown).

First up is a simple basket weave

Followed by a couple attempts at a basic herringbone pattern

And then rounding things out with a simple gingham pattern

Joining the thread!


Another one, creating ice :slight_smile:


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