Profound Problem with New WM Builds

I have just updated my computer to a brand new Dell precision T7920 workstation with a nVidia p4000 card, 64 Gb ram, 12 core Xeon gold processors… I was looking forward to exploring what the new builds offer.

I open the startup file, change the render to 2048x2048 and I get a solid block of color where the land should be - and it is stuck with that for the display. I can orbit the land, but it remains a solid color block and it is very, very slow to respond.

The same problem occurred with 3020 and 3023 builds.


This is the first time I’ve run into anything like this in all the years I’ve been at the software.

Just below the 3d preview on top left, click the button named “shaded”.

I’d love to say you got it in one… but, nope. That wasn’t it.

The viewport becomes impossible to work with (drag to orbit and wait 5-10 s. to see the shape move).

Interestingly, I can drag in the thumbnail to change the lighting and the solid fill in the main viewport shifts in tone evenly (absolutely no shading or texture at all in main viewport).

I have isolated the problem to occur for 2K and higher renders, 512 and 1024 (and +1) work ok.

Default low quality main viewport render appears after changing render size to 2K and greater, but once I hit render, the build runs, the build window closes automatically, and then the 3D viewport “hangs” at the low quality preview.
Once I click and drag or mouse wheel to change my view it “hangs” for a couple of seconds before rendering the flat shaded form and navigation becomes impossible.

Version 2.3.7 works fine on its own and with the geoglyph IDE.

Stephen - if you are out there, got any ideas?

I haven’t rung out this new computer yet, but I have had success with Luxology Modo, Quadspinner Gaea, Photoshop, Ableton Live, and a few other softwares.
I won’t rule out a problem with a new computer. I’ll try what diagnostics I can find to check things out - esp. on the graphics card side.

Quadspinner is using something called Dr. Watson to help with debugging.
I don’t know if y’all have that sort of tool available, but I’d give it a go if you do.

Thank you WFab for your suggestion…

Well, always good to rule out obvious solutions before trying desperate ones.

There have been a few problems with the quadro cards, though nothing this drastic. Try deleting preferences. Go to your “OSdrive:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\World Machine 2.2 Professional” folder, and delete “world.ini” file. You’ll need to set up your preferences, paths, and maybe even license after this. Be aware of that if you do this.

Wow, zero to desperate in 3 posts. That’s got to be some kind of record.

Thank you for the suggestions, I will give a go at that tomorrow and report.

For completeness…

I have a nVidia P4000 installed in a Win 10/64 dell workstation.
The driver number is:
Dated March 2018…

Some apps have really terrible performance across the board with Quadro cards unless a particular setting/preset is used in the drivers. It’s an odd and mysterious issue. Not sure if WM is one of the affected apps (as of newer versions anyway), but try going into your Nvidia Control Panel and from the Manage 3D Settings area select “3D App - Video Editing” as a Global Setting, then click Restore.

  • Oshyan

Thank you, Oshyan, I’m behind in my testing (we are at last rebuilding our house after the Houston Harvey floods).

But, this is worth a try. I had selected the 3D applications preset for my card and I do recall a couple of options were deselected as part of the preset.
The hunt is on.
Snipe for dinner anyone?

An update to this issue…

A recent start of my old WM build (3023) and new download (3024) showed the same problem.

This time, I went into my preferences and changed the value of the “3D Interactive View” from the default of 2048 to 1024.

Problem solved.

Weird. I’m using a new gen nVidia P4000 card…

Now, I’ll find out how this impacts my workflow.