<project> in output path does not work properly with automation

I have my output nodes making great use of the and aliases so I can make a universal template for other artists. I recently changed things a bit so I could get automation working on the files, and hit a snag.

It only exports files with the correct names if manually open the specified TMD in the UI first.

It seems that the script command does not update whatever internal operation changes the “Project Name” parameter that gets used to populate aliases. So I need to open the project in the UI first, and then run my script, which opens the same TMD file again.

Is there a secret, undocumented script command I can use to set the project name so my script works properly? Other aliases work just fine regardless of how I export.


I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like a plausible issue. I’ll add it to the bug list for investigation!

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