Question: Debugging while developping plugins for WM Pro

Hi guys,
I have a really beginner’s question; how do you go about debugging while write the plugin code? Is there any other way to spit out text besides the text output in the WM Pro. So far, I couldn’t find any way to enable console output. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!

I’d recommend using MSVC’s debugger directly!

In the project settings, Under Debugging set the “Command” item to the path to your WM executable.

I like to add a post-build action as well that copies the just-built DLL to the plugin folder.

In any case, once you’ve done the above just just hit F5 which will first build the plugin, and then launch WM with the Debugger attached to the process.

Set a breakpoint in your Activate() function. Add the device to the world and you’ll drop into the debugger as soon as WM calls your code.

Excellent! Just what I wanted. Thank you so much for the help!