Questions about use licenses


I am, together with 4 other friends, developing a game.

I must purchase the WM software in the coming months.

I would like to know if, buying PROFESSIONAL, i will be able to:

  1. Use the map produced at WM without any fees or if there are any;

  2. If I can use it in more than one project that I am part of;

  3. If the fact of being produced by more than one person affects the terms of service (the maps used in the game will be made only by me);

  4. If, with the package in question, I will be able to sell or work autonomously to other companies;

  5. Can the form in which I am developing still be characterized as Indie?

I inform you that the EULA is not well informed about these issues (would there be a Portuguese version?).

Thank you very much for your attention

Geraldo Nunes

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As far as my understanding of EULA, and experience on these forums go, here are my answers:

  1. Yes, you can use the “terrain data” produced by world machine any way you like, commercially or not. You own the creative work produced. Not sure about the TMD files (graphs), though I’ve recieved tons of those to be fixed up from clients, so should be fine. I myself never shared or earned money from a source file, so still a bit of grey area for me.
  2. Yes, you can use it for years to come, on as many projects as you like.
  3. The individual license is non transferable, again by my understanding. You can install it on two computers, if the person using both is you. No one else can officially claim to own the license, and use it for their gain.
  4. As the owner of the license, the work produced is yours. With a pro license, you can do whatever you please with terrain data produced.
  5. I’ve no idea what you mean by this one.

I’m speaking as a customer, who works professionally using this tool. Not associated with World Machine LLC in any way.

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I think it clarified my doubts.

Question number 5 is whether or not the work can be characterized as “Indie”. But it is not a WM issue. So it would be a “bonus”. What I needed has been clarified.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great day.

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Hi there,

@WFab pretty much nailed it. “Commercial use”, as defined by World Machine, is using the assets output from World Machine in any way that makes you (or someone else) money. So for example, building a landscape for a game, or creating landscapes to sell in an asset store are both approved commercial use. The license is with the purchaser specifically and can be used across many projects.

Both the Indie and Professional licenses allow commercial use. There are no limitations on the Indie license in terms of what you can do with the output; there are simply features that the Pro version has that the Indie version does not include.

The only major prohibition of a license is that you cannot share your license with anyone else. Each licensed copy of World Machine must be run by only a single user at a time.

Hope that helps!

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