Randomize buttons

I’d like to get back the randomize button in the Advanced Perlin.
It’d be cool to have randomize buttons for every device that’s randomizable (as well as for macros if that’s possible)

I also wanted to ask if this has been implemented UX/UI suggestions for LTE


I would actually like to second this request. While random seeds are less useful when you already know what it is you’re setting out to make, when you’re just having fun and making decisions as you go, having to leave the generator dialogue box to randomize the seed is a little annoying, especially with large, high resolution screens. It gets to the point where sometimes it’s more convenient to just continuously mash the number pad to get some random numbers.

A shortcut to randomise? Like ctrl+R. Two buttons to prevent/reduce accidental randomisation.

That or a context menu option, I feel, could also work.

Yes, that could also work, but too many mouse clicks imo and the user will have to navigate through the context menu. A simple ctrl+R command is much faster done (and in theory could be remapped to anything, making it highly customisable).

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Would also be nice to have it as an option for macros, so that all the seeds of devices inside of a macro get randomized.

Also a way to link multiple devices to always have the same seed, which is currently only possible by hooking up the device seeds to a integer


In the next build, Randomize is now both a shortcut and a context menu item for devices:


Macros also now pass the randomize command into their innards. More customizable randomization (only randomize certain generators in a macro) can be done by creating an Action parameter, connecting it to an Integer Generator’s Randomize action, and then wiring that integer into the seed input for generator(s).