Randomize seed button

Would be possible to add randomize button next to each seed field? Maybe I am overlooking something, but writing there random numbers 40x in row until I am happy with result is quite old school. I workarounded that by creating integer generator (it has randomize button), but why adding other device just because of this? Thanks.


I agree with this (or something similar being implemented), please post this as a suggestion for up-voting:


I like this idea, and it ties in with some other changes planned for parameters.

Also though, just a note that you can also now select the device and hit the randomize button, and it will randomize the seed for that specific device, not the world.

Re @Erone : I will do so, but also note that anyone can add new suggestions to the feature upvote above! The idea is to have it surface good ideas from the community and let people vote for them, not just the ones I ‘seeded’ into it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Steve, that solves the problem I think, randomize works just fine.

There may be a lack of awareness of it, I think its great. Perhaps you should put it (hyperlinked heading) above categories here on this discourse forum?

I don’t have many (any) good ideas I can think of, but I’ve read some good ones here.