"Relief Map" Style Image

While looking for some interesting art to hang up on my walls, I came across this site that sells maps with a sort of 3D effect. I really liked the style and decided to see if I could create something similar myself. This was just a quick “Proof of Concept” run while on my break at work, I’ll update later with a hopefully better workflow and final product!


I’m finding this process really fun, even if my results aren’t as clean as I’d like them to be right now!


I really dig these <3

I agree, the result isn’t top quality, but I don’t think it is possible to produce an equivalent result in WM, as the reference material appears to be using a proper 3D renderer with (a lot more) accurate (sun)light. So, if you would want to take this to the next level, import it to blender and use the Cycles renderer to render the shadings!

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I’ve been considering doing just that, though I’d be importing to Cinema 4D and using the Arnold renderer, as that’s what I have and am most familiar with, I’m just having too much fun seeing how close I can get in WM ahaha!


First attempt at bringing it into Cinema 4D, tried doing some subsurface scattering to give it more of a marble feel. This is definitely a lot closer to the source inspiration, though I’ve gotta figure out a better way of doing contour lines.

Updating with the same image, just smoother contour lines. Trying now to figure out a balance between smooth contours but not so smooth that it doesn’t line up correctly. I also want to start adding some more color into this.

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Mind if I join this adventure at some point?

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Absolutely! Feel free to post any of your results!

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