Renders unused nodes in chain?

Hi, this seems like a bug to me, but the system appears to render unused nodes. Coming from Houdini, this seems crazy to me. I’m having to delete unused nodes before rendering, or sit here for 5 days waiting for unused nodes to be processed that aren’t even part of the render chain.

Is this a setting or something? Thanks

You can right click a node, then select “disable” to disable it. Then it won’t build.
Alternatively, you can also select a node, and press “D” on the keyboard to disable or enable.

Thanks, thats a great workaround

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In WM a node doesn’t need to be connected to an output to show its results, so often you’ll work on a set of devices and only connect it to an output when the idea pans out.

To build only those contributing to an output, select that output and use the Build-To command (yellow circle on the toolbar). Build-the-world (green circle) will build everything.

The disable command also works on groups, so you can select a group and disable an entire set of devices in one go that you don’t need right now.

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