Rocky areas with Vegetation

First Post. Just some testing with WM, using some aerial image maps for vegetation “bump”.
Render done in blender.


Gorgeous! The interplay of rock/erosion flow/vegetation is fantastic.

What kind of aerial terrain imagery did you use for the texturing?

Post-LTE, the next feature-focused release is going to be all about texture, color, and material - making workflows and images like this as easy as possible to create.

Hey, thanks Stephen!
I usually just grab some aerial maps from USGS or some other free aerial image service. I’ve used google maps too but the watermark shows up in the displacement! haha.
Its fun playing with the image maps as you can get some bizarre and interesting texture and displacement results! Especially when breaking out the rgb and using curves and other filters for texture masks. It’s a bit of a gag though, as it usually doesn’t work for tiled builds. I’m trying to mimic a substance designer kind of approach to texturing (its very similar to WM). Cant wait to try out LTE! Here’s some other tests and a screen grab. Keep up all the good work and thanks again!

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