Rocky Shore WIP

Thought I’d share what I’m currently working on, see what people though I should work on. I’m trying to get to a point where I can make almost real looking terrains in World Machine, but I’ve got a long way to go, I feel. If you have any tips or tricks, let me know!

Nice work! Keep us in the loop!

Very nice work. You definitely have to share your progress on that… :smiley:

Right now, I’m just kinda stumped as to where to go next. I’m at the point where I usually pull it into Vue, but I want to keep working on it so that when I do finally pull it in, the terrain itself looks photorealistic.

Alright, I have a final version with textures done in Vue xStream. Side note: Thank god that World Machine can output alphas easily and quickly, otherwise texturing this the way I did would have been MUCH more difficult.

Nice! I think a wider shot would look better though.

Thanks! I agree, and I tried that first, but when the estimated render time for the prepass hit 957 hours and 31 minutes, I kinda had to nip that in the bud, haha. Maybe once I get my actual desktop, rather than doing all of this on an old laptop I bought at Wal-Mart for $450 5 years ago, haha.

I really like the look of this. How do you make the rocks instead of mountains? Most people are making mountains all the time so this is different.