Shape Tool improvements

ITEM 1)When placing a rectangle… if you just click once… it places a rectangle that is microscopic.
IMHO you should have to drag after clicking in order for it to appear… not a single click.

ITEM 2) Turning off Bezier handles for a path

ITEM 3) Options to mirror a selected path, or polygon

ITEM 4) Rotate, Scale or Transform a path—
I do realize there is Hack to get it to work, but that shouldnt be the workflow… The hack is to add a circle or rectangle so its possible to get the menu after selecting the path

“ITEM 2) Turning off Bezier handles for a path”

Agreed. Trying to move verts with Bezier handles everywhere is a pain in the butt.

“ITEM 4) Rotate, Scale or Transform a path—”

You can Scale or Rotate a path by selecting the path and pressing S or R respectively. Not sure what other Transforms you might be referring to.

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Ah nice one… Didnt know there was a short cut… The other transform would be move

@Fstar “T” is the shortcut key for “translating” (moving).

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