Shortkeys for World and Local space

Right now, to change a device from Worldspace to Localspace, one needs to right click, navigate the context menu, open the drop down selection, select Localspace and then close the dialogue. That is quite a lot and a bit annoying if I may say so. Hence would like to request the following shortkeys:

  • ctrl+W for Worldspace
  • ctrl+L for Localspace
  • ctrl+I+S for switching to Inherited.

This will let users quickly switch between local and world space.

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Just as a quick note, I believe ctrl+W is a default Windows keyboard shortcut to close a window, so setting that combination to a shortcut in World Machine may have unexpected and undesirable results. I’m not entirely positive what it takes to overrule a default Windows shortcut. Also that might just be an old shortcut and my age is showing, I’m not positive, I made the switch to Alt+F4 for that years ago.

Yes this would be helpfull.
What about One key that toggles World/Local space?
ctrl + S

Would also prevent a user from forgetting to save their file as a bonus! :wink:

Ah yes, I totally forgot about that. Maybe ctrl+shift+W and ctrl+shift+L then.