Showcase of my recreation of Swiss Alps

Small Update (18:16 pm CET): I uploaded first a version without proper trees…

Hi there,
on the swissALTI3D website you can download real high precision (0.5 meter) heightmaps of Switzerland.
So I thought I retexture the heightmap according to Google Maps photos in Worldmachine.

These are the results (the order is always my retexture file and then in comparison the google map foto):



Very fun practice with some stunning results. So I suppose the next challenge is to create a fair approximation of this landmass :stuck_out_tongue:?

Thanks Hylk.

Oh man, my skills to recreate such a complex landscape with Worldmachine are too limited. But the retexture was really a lot of fun. Maybe I try to export the world into Worldpainter and Cubic Chunks Minecraft…

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