Simplex / OpenSimplex noise

Hello, is there any chance we will have a Simplex/OpenSimplex noise device in a future release?

Perlin noise is quite comparable to Simplex/OpenSimplex noise, and the latter is mostly just a faster algorithm, rather than creating really different results. This applies especially for higher dimension noises, which World Machine doesn’t use as far as I know.

What do you have in mind regarding its implementation? If it is better terrain generation you seek, I don’t think you will yield a significant better result with Simplex/OpenSimplex over Perlin noise, however, if the render time is an issue, and you have a source suggesting a massive performance increase for World Machine, I’m interested.

There’s not currently any plan to implement Simplex noise. I haven’t personally found any compelling visual reason to use simplex noise over (improved) gradient noise for terrain generation.

That’s not to say that I can’t be convinced! Is there any particular use case you have in mind where simplex noise is superior?

Performance reasons, mostly.