Single-input-to-single-output node

Idea of this nodes comes to me when i did need to work with big amount of Layer Nodes, that have 32-inputs and can cover all your screen just for their size. That make navigation in project uncomfortable, you need to place those giants on some distance from each other that cause long travel cursor time around the project

I want to suggest checkpoint-node that will have only one input and only one output, but will work with 9999 wires - the idea based on remembering of order of connections. So, if you connected wire1 first, after connecting output wire1 this wire will use input1 to transfer information

So, if you have 32 masks that you want to combine inside of Layer node to one big mask without making navigation in your project very bad - you can connect those 32 outputs to this one little 1 input of this checkpoint node, and after that connect one little output of this checkpoint node to all of inpurts of Layers node

If you will disconnect any wire, it will automaticaly disconnect output wire related to this one

So you can use one little node to work with Layers nodes without having those 32-holes giants close to main project part.

I think this idea is actually not smart, but maybe some clever guys will suggest more optimized idea that will make life of guys such as me more easier

I’ve been thinking of this as well, and the thing is, it already is sort of implemented in WM with the Composite device. Being able to create new “composite wires” on the fly would be amazing indeed.