Small experimental project to create branched mountains

I’ve recently been experimenting with the create water device then performing several effects on it to make sharper peaks and also add finer details, I’ve been liking it so far.

This is some simple terrain I made today using this technique, and I’m looking into making more prominent peaks instead of the higher altitudes being mostly flat. If anyone would like to give feedback/more possible techniques to incorporate that would be great!


I would like to see more varied texturing making more of the details, such as the features flowing down the terraces. The trees look great, are you scattering diamond shaped radial gradients?

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My tree macro uses the single pixels from the probability device then expands them and also uses a clamp to adjust height. I did go very light on the erosion, however, because too much made the branches disappear altogether. I might later do some erosion carving to create some flow channels.

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It’s B-E-A-UTIFUL! The area on the left looks a bit heavy on snow, stands out distracting from the beautiful valley. Maybe try a variation?

  1. Reduce the left mountain into a smaller pocket of softer hills, with a lake or river.
  2. Do a version without pixel trees, with soil in its place?

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