Switch Toolbar Tabs During Click+Drag

In other professional software, clicking and dragging across tabs within a toolbar switches to each tab as your mouse reaches it. Once your mouse is released that tab remains selected. This makes it much quicker to switch tabs especially when looking for a tool which you’re trying to locate.


  1. Click on Tools tab
  2. With mouse held down, continue to drag across other tabs, such as Generator or Output
    Result: Generator or Output become selected, and the tools contained become visible
  3. Release mouse once you have reached the tab which contains the tool you are looking for.
    Bonus: If mouse is released over a tool, activate that tool immediately.

Toolbar, for reference:

I agree this is an intuitive UX and would like to see it implemented as well.

Right now, WM has it implemented more akin to the Ribbon used in the Microsoft Office software. You can scroll through the tabs using your scroll wheel. :slight_smile:

Also, to quickly get the device you’re looking for, use the Tab key to open the Add from search dialogue!

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Thanks for the tips, I did notice that scrolling worked although it’s not as precise as click+drag. I need to get in the habit of using the Tab key more though.

Also, suggestion submitted!

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