Texture with Striations - Project of the Day

This project started with a question about how to get terrace striation in textures that matched the vertical displacements of the terrace modulation. Soon, we’ll get a new component that makes this happen in a great way, but for now it takes a bit of work to figure out and implement.

This project contains one option for capturing the striations from the results of the Terrace device, subtracted from the source terrain, and then filtered a few ways to bring out the detail. I sort of crashed in the middle of the afternoon, so technically, this is a project started yesterday but I could have finished in a day if I’d stayed on it.

Here are screenshots of the graph and resulting textured mountain:

For the curious, here is the file: fiddle 211026 01.tmd (493.6 KB)

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I still had a few ideas to try out related to texturing striations, so I’m back with a similar build with a few differences from that experimentation: fiddle 211027 01.tmd (515.9 KB)

This was from a 4K build…

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