The Finish Line*

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It’s been a while since the last post on the blog! That’s mostly because the majority of the discussion about the public releases of LTE has moved to the forums (

I think for most things, the forums are the better location as they facilitate discussion. For the blog, I want to continue to use it as a place where I can talk about ideas, experiments, and other future directions.

LTE Release Candidate Available

Build 4011 is now available on the update center. This is planned to be the release-state version of LTE, with the primary changes being bugfixes and enhancing the included content that comes with World Machine (example worlds, macros, presets, blueprints)

Build 4011 ‘Mt Rainier’ Release Candidate Available

‘Mt Rainier’ is a milestone release, and sets the stage for much further evolution. Indeed, the next named build after Mt Rainier is the one that I’ve been personally the most excited about; but that’s for later 🙂

Now that the code push to release is mostly completed, I’m going to be spending a much greater split of the time during the next month updating documentation, website details, etc to reflect the new standard version of World Machine.

Drop by the forums and give your thoughts on what you like and don’t like about LTE!