Thread regarding Onklepoes Sand/Canyon macro

Oke so i know you were looking for something to make sand
Its a little rough but i just noticed my screen was tilted to an angle wich i couldnt see very clear
So uhm i will try some more, its working rather nice though the oranje iant suposed to be like that
Paint gives me saturated pictures
I dont know if this comes close,dont mind the standart acid bleach
Its just there for contrast

Let me know!

This is looking good, maybe you can combine it with the distance convexity macro and or your carv macro, so that sand is looking more realistic?

Tomorrow I will try your snow device for simulating sand…


It looks better already, i dont see how carved could do anything in this macro?
Haha and that would mean carved should be implemented in this macro
Wich would take a lot longer to build,what should i do with distance convex? :shock:

I thought it would be an idea to separate rock from sand in a better way…
Hard to describe for me, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill try

You don’t need distance convexity macro to do that. Just use Bias-Gain filter on the sand mask.

Thats what i thought too, though i tryed eq on it, so now i have 2 separete versions

How does it going with the sand-macro?!
(I know you are busy atm, but want to know anyways) :wink:

Grainy details arent my speciallty but its coming along fine

But i got JKI pro and elite to do
Wfabs thread
Multiple other macros and
My house :stuck_out_tongue: i work on al just a luttle every day
My house the most for now