Tiled build creates flat tiles

Hello I just got the professional version so I could make tiled builds.
I am using a 20km terrain that gets tiled 20 times, making 1km tiles. If I export this as a mesh with no tiling, it exports as expected. However if I set the mesh exporter to participate in tiled builds, and then do a tiled build, the resulting .obj’s are all flat planes except for the 0,0 tile.

I tried to upload my WM save but I’m a new user so I cant.


Hi Ag,

I assume you’re using build 3028?

We’ll definitely need to see your world file to figure out what’s going on here, as there are no known issues like this currently. Can you open a helpdesk ticket by sending your world file to helpdesk@world-machine.com and I’ll take a look at it?

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