Tiled File Input instantly crash the project

For some reasons, now when i just place Tiled File input into project (any project - even if it is empty project) - Tiled Input instantly crash it

It is weird, because 5 month before it did work well, (you can check my posts 5 month before about this node) but now i can not understand how to fix this behavior

Sadness :pleading_face:

Step-by-step visual instruction to reproduce, ehehe:

Yeah this bug was recently discovered and reported. Nothing to do but to wait for a fix.

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I have the same exact issue. Reported it about a month ago, got a reaponse that it was looked at.

That was it. The support ticket is still open and I havent heard anything more.

Keep reporting it, hopefully, the more of us who report it the sooner it can be fixed.