Two Islands

A terrain recently built for a game proto type in-between work and game design classes.
The task was to build a main island and a small island next according to a sketch, with different biomes.

This is by far the most advanced terrain build I’ve ever done. Some specs…
The terrain had to be scaled up a lot in order to get all the features in there at a reasonable scale, all though in the prototype it will be 5x5km.
The project scale is about 75x75km and delivered as 4K image maps.

Textured entirely in World Machine. Rendered with Marmoset.
You can tumble around the terrain on Artstation.

Very cool! Could you show us the scale, and resolution of this project? Also, if you used tiled terrain, the specifics would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Attached two images for you.
And I see I was wrong. It’s just over 80x80km big.

I noticed the artstation link didn’t work. Fixed it now.

Thanks for the info! So what we see on your artstation, is it the tiled 10k terrain, or 4k one? Btw, the snow mountain, reminds me of that BF3 thread you started. Very cool terrain, I can see the work that went into it.

What you see in the stills is a mesh output from WM at 200K polygons. I put the color map exported from WM as tiles together in Photoshop manually to a 10K map and applied it to the texture in Marmoset.
The normal map is a 4K normal map.

What you see in the interactive 3D viewer is downscaled by Marmoset Toolbag to 4K and further compressed, so it does not represent the actual texture quality.

This is an absolutely fantastic game map! And of course, it looks beautiful in Marmoset. There is so much detail in the terrain, great job!

I am very interested in learning to make a map like this for modding with Ark Survival Evolved. How could I study this map more? Would you be willing to share more details like a clearer screenshot of the devices?

Also, what is the height you are using?

Thank you Duke!

I’ll be able to take a screenshot of the device chart tomorrow.

The terrain was made with 0-3500m range.

A screenshot would be terrific, and thanks for the height info :slight_smile:

You should create a map for the Ark modding contest, you could win up to $10,000 Cha-ching! And that map would definitely get 1st prize in the map category.

Hah! I wish. I guess there’s more into the map making competition than just make a pretty height map. :wink:

I’ll be home in aprox 12 hours, and will make that humongous screenshot then.

Well your wish could come true 'cause I’ve been learning to mod ARK the last few months, and they allow joint entries.

I’m serious. If you’re interested, all you would need to do is supply the height map and I will build it out.

Any winnings get sent directly from them to each of us separately.

I’m entering the contest myself very soon with whatever map I can create with my few weeks of learning on WM, which is why I’m going to study your screenshot like mad, lol.

I’m aiming for 5th place in the map category, which is a nice $1000 prize.

Here’s one of the biomes.

Sweetness! I’m going to set this up on my end and see what I can come up with, thanks!