UE4 Export Macro (Update: Folder and Macro Generator)


Since WM is giving me grief with creating 3+ “worlds” at a time, I took a bit of time off from design, and got back into VB. Created a simplistic program that will enable the user to specify the project name / main folder, and it will create sub-folders, as well as create a “master macro” that can be used to render everything out. This has saved me a crap ton of time, so I hope it’s useful to you guys!

You can get it here: http://tinyurl.com/pbvfqjv


So, that was the example, here is a quick screenshot of what I’m working on… the first 25/100:


This probably does too much tbh, but it has a bunch of different outputs. Here are the screenshots for the macro:





Savior indeed! Thanks for this David!

You’re welcome. I understand its nothing overly complicated, but when you need to generate 100+ terrains and save them out… lol

Do I need both files, the .dev and the .exe?

No. The automation + folder generator is just a utility program I wrote. The .dev is a macro for world machine that includes the nodes displayed. In fact, I would suggest you don’t download the .exe and run it (even though I made it). You never know what it may contain as far as being malicious. As I don’t want to open-source the code, but I don’t want to charge for the program, I’m in a pickle with this :slight_smile: Of course, you could always run it in a VM, and do a before/after comparison to see changes to the different VM’s.

Never run executables from someone you can’t hurt, err… I mean, from someone you don’t know IRL is my motto :smiley:

(edit: I come from a cyber security minded background, hence the warning. The code isn’t malicious, however, you don’t know me and I do not know you, so there can’t be 100% trust)