Unable to enter custom extents resolution

Trying to export a non-rectangular (12kmx18km) project from World Machine, to be imported into Unity. In the unity project I have a 6x9 array (minus a few unneeded sections) of terrain. Because of this I want to export a 3073x4609 pixel (6512+1 x 9512+1) heightmap in order to split it up into 513x513 sections externally, and apply these to my individual Unity terrains.

However, when trying to enter a custom resolution, for the ‘Build Resolution’ section of scene setup for my extents, it does not acknowledge the resolution change from the “8x12” that it gives me, and does not save this setting, when I select to use a custom resolution.

I am using the Indie license, if that makes a difference. Build 4020.

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Custom resolutions are based on the power of two resolutions currently set.

Go back to the resolution setting in scene setup, change the resolution dropdown to
‘Power of two plus one’, move the resolution slider to 342 x 513, then change
the resolution dropdown back to custom.

It will offer you 6 x 9 and that will be honored if you close and re-open.

You get alternative custom resolutions this way.

Hope that helps a little.

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I think I understand what’s happening here - the custom res option absolutely will respect the resolution and aspect ratio, but it wants you to enter only the largest value of the two - it will compute the correct resolution from that.

Attempting to enter both causes it to ignore your input. This is certainly a bug; I’ll add it to the list!

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