Unable to save Conserve Memory with tmd in World Machine Build 3023 Mt.Daniel


I am not sure if anyone else here has encountered the same problem in the latest World Machine Build 3023 Mt.Daniel, where we are unable to save out Conserve Memory property together with tmd. So we are simply out of memory for rendering large size of terrain. We also tried toggle conserve memory while tweaking other parameters on project settings, however the most of parameters are saved properly except the property of conserve memory. We also want to try toggle on conserve memory in automation script but no clue what is the proper syntax on tms.

Sounds like a minor issue, however it blocks us from rendering large terrain.

Not sure if there is a workaround, or could be a bug needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:

The issue has been fixed on build 3024 released on dev channel.