Unable to save .tmd when using Example plugin DLLs

I was modifying the PDK examples for some plugins I am writing when I first noticed that the plugin DLLs would cause an exception if we try to save the device in a .tmd file. I am currently developing on visual studio 2005, so it is very likely to be a compatibility issue. Don’t know if it helps or not, I do notice that the exceptions always occur near the vfptr (virtual function pointer). I wonder if anyone has encountered similar issues before? I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks!

After some tries, it seems that a saved “.tmd” file with plugin devices inside can not be loaded.
I think this issue is linked with the “save” one.
However, I never noted an exception during the save process.

World Machine says :

The world file cannot be fully loaded (perhaps due to not having one or more used plugins used to create it). Some devices may be missing.

I have made my tries with the PDK examples and I have compiled the example with Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition.
As soon as I can, I would carry out some tests.

Same problem as howardzzh with a personnal plugin compiled with VS2005 Express.

My hunch is that it has something to do with a change in the C++ stream libraries between MSVC7(2002) and 2005 – I know microsoft made alot of changes to the standard libraries, and that would account for it happening on device load/save.

Looking into it.