Using Coord(x, y) crashing WM

Edit: I’m an idiot. Case of mistaking an i for a j.

Please disregard :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… …err… :? Ok :smiley:
So far, all crashes I managed to cause in WM using the PDK were because the guy coding them was a dumb nuthead! :smiley: So don’t feel frustrated if you crash WM once in a while… It’s part of the job :slight_smile:
Progress once step at a time, to keep changes and bugs under control, and also to easy up on debugging.

LOL. I’m more frustrated that I posted before finding the stupid mistake.

I’m actually making good progress. I got past my first recursive function without any stack overflow errors :). But I’ve had a few access volations which I have been lucky enough to find the sources.

We can remove the topic if you want to :wink:

mu-hu-ha-hahh! the power of the moderators! :smiley:

Nah, I think it is a good thing to leave here! It transmits a message of “don’t worry, we’ve all made mistakes like those” :slight_smile: Besides, if anyone manages to crash WM in a plugin, it’s good to have this place to discuss possible reasons for it, and to try (guessing) what is wrong in the plugin code. Very unlikely will be a bug in the PDK, though it there is, it should important to correct it.

But so far, all crashess I had were my fault :stuck_out_tongue:
Typical bugs are to release an HF that is being passed as output, forget to initialize an input HF, going out of bounds accessing the HF… etc… Sometimes invalid parameter values and divisions by zero can occur, with a joyfull (crash) fireworks display!
Infinite loops are also neat occupations for the CPU :slight_smile:

Not nessisary but thanks for offering :slight_smile: