Wacom Pen and Mouse glued to viewport

Not always but every couple of hours the Wacom pen or if I try the mouse will stick to the interface and move the whole build network, anyone experiencing such issue?
I use old intuos 3 on PC windows 10, mouse or pen work fine in other softwares.
Thank you for helping.

I’m using Mt Rainier 4005.

One possibility is if you are have the “favor panning over selection” option set, I recently discovered and fixed a bug that behaves as you describe. It will be fixed in the next version, but you can flip that option off to workaround it for now.

Fantastic Stephen I’ll try that right away, Ive also noticed I can’t use the arrows up and down with the Chooser device to switch thru all modes like the old version.
Another thing that is happening when you have File input nodes and you are trying different DEM maps from the same folder sometimes it leads you to WM default C drive installation .

Sorry, not the chooser , the Combiner device.

Hi Stephen, I actually worked a few hours today without having the pen stick to the interface, but opposed to your suggestion I left checked, “On”…“Prefer selection over pan”.
I 'll let you know if the problem resurface.
How about the arrow key up and down on Combine blending modes, let me know when u can.