What are my output mask options please ?

Hey all,

Having lurked around the forums long enough, I’ve taken the plunge to register as i need some help please.

I’m trying to make a terrain for use in UE4, I’m only learning so no project in mind, what I can’t figure out is how to output good quality masks for my surface materials, all I can manage is to mask by slope or height, what other options are there and how do i use them ?
For example how would i get a mask for this snow ? https://www.world-machine.com//gallery/index.php?entry=129

I’m ok with using WM2, I can get the results I want, I just can’t get my surfaces to output, things like cliffs, snow, grass, cliffs and beaches etc
I’m not looking for a splt map, I was looking to export each mask as a black/white image, so i can assign each surface to an image.

I also suck at image software, even M$ Paint get’s the better of me, so no PS here :?

Many thanks in advance,

All erosion types (natural filters), output some sort of helper mask, besides the processed heightmap. For example, “Erosion” device outputs “flow, wear, and deposition” masks. You can output these using “height output” node. Also, you can use “bias/gain” filter on them to bring out some contrast and brightness, if you desire so.

About the provided example “snow”, the snow device outputs a helper mask known as “snow depth mask”. You can save that using a “height” output node as well. In your “examples” folder, look for “RGB Examples>(RGB) Snow Device Example”.